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MemComputing Receives NASA Award NASA has awarded MemComputing Inc. a Phase I Small Business Innovat

Analytics Insight

Top 10 Neuromorphic Computing Startups to Keep and Eye on in 2021 MemComputing was featured in Analy

StartUs Insights

MemComputing was featured in StartUs Insights research blogs, and was identified as one of the five

Local startup aims to revolutionize computing industry

Mark Armao/The Daily Transcript Physicists Fabio Traversa (left) and Massimiliano Di Ventra (center)

New Brain-Like Computer May Solve World’s Most Complex Math Problems

A new computer prototype called a “memcomputer” works by mimicking the human brain, and

UCSD scientists build brain-inspired computer

Inspired by the human brain, UC San Diego scientists have constructed a new kind of computer that st