Additional Support

While the MemComputing SaaS and SDK are designed as an enabling solution for those who are solving problems today using integer linear programming methods, many of MemComputing’s customers are looking for additional support. We are committed to providing consulting services to customers in the form of training, mathematical problem formulation, and turnkey solutions. 


Here we will help customers become expert users of our SaaS and SDK products. Our products do not require that you make changes to your current mathematical formulations. However, there are times when additional fine tuning can be beneficial. We provide generalized and customized training on-site, remote or in our training facility.

Mathematical Formulation Development

Many times customers face intractable problems or problems that are so complex that even though they have the data science resources to develop the mathematical formulations for their problems, they are faced with problems where they would prefer to outsource that particular effort.

Turnkey Problem Solutions (Software)

There are times when our customers do not have the resources or the complexity of the problem is so great that the customer requires a complete turnkey solution. This includes Mathematical Formulation Development as well as the software required to integrate with customer systems to gather the input, build the mathematical formulation, compute the solution using MemComputing then format the results such that they can be consumed in the form of reports or integration back into the customer’s systems.

Firmware Development

MemComputing’s solutions are agnostic to most hardware processors. However, we have not ported our solutions to every processor type out there today. There are many embedded processors and RISC based processors used on the Edge for IoT and mobility that have special requirements. We will provide custom firmware design for our customers who need the performance boosts from MemComputing at the edge.

Turnkey Hardware/Software Solutions

This service is for customers that require dedicated solutions that may include some combination of Mathematical Formulation Development, Turnkey Problem Solutions, Firmware Development and/or Custom ASIC Development but they also need this to be configured along with dedicated hardware appliances especially configured to meet specific performance needs.

Custom ASIC Development

For customers that need real-time performance, they will need a true MemCPU® Chip.