Press Releases

New Advisors

MemComputing Announces New Advisory Board Members Renowned Oil and Gas leaders to guide the company


MemComputing Awarded AFWERX Phase II SBIR related to the Automated Tracking of a Moving Object from

Feynman Prize Awardee

San Diego, December 6, 2020 – MemComputing, Inc., developer of disruptive high-performance com

COVID-19 Initiative

MemComputing Provides Free Access to its MemCPU™ XPC SaaS Platform for COVID-19 Research — A

MemComputing’s MemCPU™ Coprocessor Is First To Solve A Computational Benchmark That Has Remained Unsolved For Nearly A Decade

Software-based coprocessor demonstrates relevance for large-scale commercial optimization applicatio

MemComputing Compute Engine Rivals Quantum Computer Performance

Accelerate the training of a neural network with improved accuracy. SAN DIEGO, Jan. 30, 2018 /PRNews

Memcomputing compute engine rivals Supercomputer Processing Speeds

Improve the Performance of Machine Learning Optimization Calculations by 4 Orders of Magnitude or Mo