MemComputing’s new, disruptive computing technology is dramatically reducing the time to find solutions to the most complex optimization problems in all industries. Using a physics-based approach, this novel computing architecture combines processing and memory to deliver unprecedented computing performance across a variety of applications in HPC and AI/ML. MemComputing liberates users from current computational bottlenecks, enabling companies to accurately analyze huge amounts of data in minutes or seconds, empowering them to make optimal business decisions today.

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Introduction Video

Optimization Problems Are Everywhere


Optimization problems involve finding the best solution from all possible solutions; often exploring millions, billions or even more possible combinations.
For many of these problems, the time required to solve grows exponentially as more variables are added often rendering them intractable for modern computers.

The Value


The economic impact of solving these exponential problems is tremendous as faster and more accurate solutions immediately translates into dramatically improved operational efficiencies and cost savings while simultaneously unlocking new revenue opportunities.
The first and only non-quantum solution proven to deliver the performance of quantum computing today, our MEMCPU™ Platform quickly solves the most extensive and complex industrial computations associated with optimization, big data analytics, and machine learning.

Technical Explainer Video

A Look Under The Hood of The MemCPU® Technology