Solving With The Best


Dr. Liang Ping Ku

Assistant Vice President (Optimization and Application Design)

Port of Singapore Corporation Limited

At PSA, we are committed to constantly innovating through automation and the use of intelligent systems to enhance our operations and competitiveness. We chose to work with MemComputing, Inc. because of the innovative and disruptive nature of their technology. We presented them with a difficult benchmark as a Proof of Concept to determine if their technology could overcome exponential scaling. The MemComputing team was extremely knowledgeable and able to demonstrate their ability to solve this exponential problem in polynomial time. We were quite impressed with the result.

Peter Shin

Founder & CEO

Canvass Labs

MemComputing allows us to look at large amounts of data from multiple perspectives. Until now, the enormous complexity of the data has limited the type of explorations we can conduct. MemComputing’s engine removes this limitation.

Dr. Alexander Feldman



The team at MemComputing is dedicated to the rigorous evaluation of their technology against third-party benchmarks. By using this scholarly approach they show an understanding of the domain and the complexity of the problem.