MemComputing Awarded NASA Phase I SBIR

NASA to leverage the Virtual MemComputing Machine to Accelerate Supercomputing Workloads

San Diego, July 20, 2021- MemComputing, Inc., developer of disruptive high-performance computing technology, has been awarded a Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). This project will identify applications where MemComputing’s Virtual MemComputing Machine (VMM) can accelerate NASA’s supercomputing workloads for large-scale numerical simulation.

“We’re looking forward to working with NASA,” said John Beane, CEO of MemComputing. “NASA relies heavily on supercomputers today and is pushing their boundaries. NASA has also studied Quantum Computers to determine the advantages they may see when Quantum Computers become a reality. We will demonstrate the power and efficiency of our cloud-based Virtual MemComputing Machine (VMM) and how it currently provides the performance expected of Quantum Computers.”

During the six-month Phase I, MemComputing will demonstrate to NASA’s Advanced Supercomputing Division (NAS) its ability to address a relevant, intractable computational benchmark that NASA will use to evaluate the MemComputing technology. MemComputing will be measured based on its ability to meet the following objectives:

• Decrease the barriers to entry for prospective supercomputing users.
• Minimize the supercomputer user’s total time-to-solution (e.g., time to discover, understand, predict, or design).
• Increase the achievable scale and complexity of computational analysis, data ingest, and data communications.
• Reduce the cost of providing a given level of supercomputing performance for NASA applications.
• Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of NASA’s supercomputing operations and services.

Similar to what MemComputing has already done with the US Air Force/Space Force, the goal is that Phase I leads to a Phase II SBIR grant. Phase II would provide follow-on funding by, and infusion into, NASA’s high-end computing (HEC) projects: the High-End Computing Capability project at Ames and the Scientific Computing project at Goddard. Ultimately, a successful Phase II could lead to a sole-source contract between MemComputing and NASA.
About MemComputing

MemComputing, Inc.’s disruptive technology dramatically reduces the time to find practical solutions to the world’s most challenging optimization problems. MemComputing delivers the performance expected of quantum computing with its non-quantum solution. The company’s cloud-based Virtual MemComputing Machine is free to evaluate. Dr. Massimiliano Di Ventra and Dr. Fabio Traversa, co-inventors of memcomputing, co-founded the company with John A. Beane, a successful serial entrepreneur. Visit https://memcpu.com to learn more.

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