Sep 17, 2017

Absence of periodic orbits in digital memcomputing machines with solutions

Fabio L. Traversa, and Massimiliano Di Ventra

In Traversa and Di Ventra [Chaos 27, 023107 (2017)] we argued, without proof, that if the non-linear dynamical systems with memory describing the class of digital memcomputing machines (DMMs) have equilibrium points, then no periodic orbits can emerge. In fact, the proof of such a statement is a simple corollary of a theorem already demonstrated in Traversa and Di Ventra [Chaos 27, 023107 (2017)]. Here, we point out how to derive such a conclusion. Incidentally, the same demonstration implies absence of chaos, a result we have already demonstrated in Di Ventra and Traversa [Phys. Lett. A 381, 3255 (2017)] using topology. These results, together with those in Traversa and Di Ventra [Chaos 27, 023107 (2017)], guarantee that if the Boolean problem the DMMs are designed to solve has a solution, the system will always find it, irrespective of the initial conditions.

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