MemComputing Strengthens International IP with new Japanese Patent

Patent provides additional global coverage for the company’s novel computing technology

San Diego, August 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/- MemComputing, Inc., developer of disruptive high-performance computing technology, today announced that the Japanese Patent Office has officially issued letters patent No: 6,893,696, further strengthening MemComputing’s intellectual property position and coverage for the company’s technology on a global scale.

This patent, titled, “SELF-ORGANIZING LOGIC GATES AND CIRCUITS AND COMPLEX PROBLEM SOLVING WITH SELF-ORGANIZING CIRCUITS” was first issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO No: 9,911,080) and describes the novel computing architecture introduced by MemComputing and its ability to efficiently solve NP hard problems. Additional issued claims pertain to the embodiment of such a computing paradigm through physical circuits with conventional semiconductor fabrication techniques and virtual machine emulations.

“MemComputing is focused on continual innovation to deliver groundbreaking computing performance that provides a competitive advantage to our customers,” said John Beane, CEO of MemComputing, Inc. “Our clients rank in the Global 2000, and each serves a global audience. Therefore, we must protect our intellectual property locally and abroad. This is one of many foreign and domestic patents we expect to announce in the coming months and years.”

MemComputing’s first product, the cloud based Virtual MemComputing Machine, solves problems once intractable for its users. These clients come from the Global 2000, ranking from mid-sized companies to among the largest in their fields. The Virtual MemComputing Machine’s streamlined user interface follows current standards, making it very easy to evaluate its capabilities. What makes it even easier is that these evaluations are currently free. Register for a free commercial or academic evaluation at https://app.memcpu.io/signup.

About MemComputing

MemComputing, Inc.’s disruptive technology dramatically reduces the time to find practical solutions to the world’s most challenging computational problems. MemComputing delivers the performance expected of quantum computing with its non-quantum solution. Dr. Massimiliano Di Ventra and Dr. Fabio Traversa, co-inventors of memcomputing, co-founded the company with John A. Beane, a successful serial entrepreneur.  Visit https://memcpu.com to learn more.

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