MemComputing, Inc. Recognized in Forbes for Groundbreaking Work in Prime Factorization

MemComputing, a pioneer in cutting-edge computing architectures, is proud to announce its recent feature in a Forbes article, authored by renowned technology expert Skip Sanzeri. The article, titled “Cybersecurity Threats Just Got Worse,” highlights the innovative work of our team in advancing prime factorization, a critical aspect of cybersecurity.

The Forbes piece focuses on the potential of MemComputing’s technology to disrupt traditional encryption methods, notably RSA 2048, using in-memory processing ASICs. This breakthrough, which poses a more immediate threat than quantum computing, was made possible through our dedicated research and development efforts.

“Our team is thrilled to be recognized by Forbes, a testament to our commitment to pioneering next-gen computing solutions,” said John Beane, CEO of MemComputing, Inc. “This acknowledgment underscores the importance of our work and its potential impact on global digital security.”

MemComputing’s approach demonstrates the capability to crack RSA 2048 in significantly less time than previously possible with classical computing. This development marks a significant milestone in the field of cybersecurity and showcases MemComputing’s role in shaping the future of digital security.

“We understand the urgency of staying ahead in the rapidly evolving field of cybersecurity,” added John Beane. “Our focus remains on developing solutions that not only address current threats but also anticipate future challenges.”

MemComputing is committed to continuous innovation and collaboration in the field of cybersecurity. We invite our partners, clients, and the broader technology community to engage with us as we forge new paths in securing digital infrastructures.

The full Forbes article can be found here. A technical manuscript detailing the study and the results is available here. A video presentation and demonstration can be found here. For more information about MemComputing, please visit https://www.memcpu.com/. 

About MemComputing, Inc. 

MemComputing, Inc. is a deep tech company that specializes in solving complex optimization problems using its cloud-based MEMCPU™ Platform. Its proprietary circuit design, rooted in physics, harnesses the power of computational memory to overcome the limitations of traditional computing methods. MemComputing is developing a range of hardware solutions designed for numerous edge-processing applications for industries such as energy, transportation, logistics, and the DoD.

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