MemComputing Awarded Two Air Force Phase I SBIR Contracts

 DoD to leverage MemComputing for advanced satellite computing and signal processing

San Diego, November 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/- MemComputing, Inc., developer of disruptive high-performance computing technology, today announced two Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contracts in association with Space Force and Air Force objectives.

 Current space robotic technologies perform tasks like berthing and deploying large space structures, but struggle to execute tasks such as capturing a piece of debris tumbling through space. Space debris puts satellites and other valuable US space assets at risk, as well as our national security. MemComputing will explore this problem with the AFRL/RVSV RNGRS Program in collaboration with the USSF to enhance its autonomous Rendezvous and Proximity Operations (RPO). MemComputing will deploy a MemCPU™-based technology solution to compute the optimal motion planning for a satellite with a robotic arm to capture a tumbling object in space, while also minimizing the energy required. At the end of Phase I, MemComputing will submit the technical details and project plans to build a prototype as part of a Phase II SBIR.

 The 361st Air Combat Command Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance Group (ACC ISRG) maintains a state-of-the-art system for advanced signal processing. For this SBIR, MemComputing will detail the plans for a MemCPU-based Neural Network designed to provide faster, more accurate training and a real-time Neural Network to further enhance signals intelligence (SIGINT) capabilities for the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC). At the end of this Phase I, as in the other, MemComputing will submit the technical details and project plans to build a prototype as part of a Phase II SBIR.

 “While we began our journey solving intractable computations for the commercial world, we are finding even more technical challenges perfectly suited for MemComputing within the DoD.” said John Beane, CEO of MemComputing. “We look forward to demonstrating the groundbreaking capabilities of our technology on such diverse computational challenges.”

About MemComputing

MemComputing, Inc.’s disruptive technology dramatically reduces the time to find practical solutions to the world’s most challenging optimization problems. MemComputing delivers the performance expected of quantum computing with its non-quantum solution. The company’s cloud-based Virtual MemComputing Machine is free to evaluate. Dr. Massimiliano Di Ventra and Dr. Fabio Traversa, co-inventors of memcomputing, co-founded the company with John A. Beane, a successful serial entrepreneur. Visit https://memcpu.com to learn more.

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