Absence of chaos in Digital Memcomputing Machines with solutions

Digital memcomputing machines (DMMs) are non-linear dynamical systems designed so that their equilibrium points are solutions of the Boolean problem they solve. In a previous work [Chaos 27, 023107 (2017)] it was argued that when DMMs support solutions of the associated Boolean problem then strange attractors cannot coexist with such equilibria. In this work, we demonstrate such conjecture. In particular, we show that both topological transitivity and the strongest property of topological mixing are inconsistent with the point dissipative property of DMMs when equilibrium points are present. This is true for both the whole phase space and the global attractor. Absence of topological transitivity is enough to imply absence of chaotic behavior. In a similar vein, we prove that if DMMs do not have equilibrium points, the only attractors present are invariant tori/periodic orbits with periods that may possibly increase with system size (quasi-attractors).