We’re developing hardware solutions based on our proprietary circuit architecture to deliver unprecedented computing performance across a wide range of high-value applications. The MemCPU™ Optimizer, as seen on the right, will solve once intractable optimization problems in near-real time, enabling our customers to unlock new levels of operational efficiency across nearly every domain.


Additional MemCPU™

Chips In Development 


Specialized ASIC for next-gen 5G communications


Ultra low power, high performance Graphics Processing Unit

MemCPU NN Trainer

Dramatically accelerates the training of deep neural networks

The Virtual MemComputing Machine (VMM) is a software emulation of our MemCPU Optimizer chip and is already solving hard optimization problems orders of magnitude faster and more accurately than today’s best in class solutions.
The VMM is an Application Builder where our clients can build, test, and solve their optimization problems in the cloud (AWS, Google).
Users can subscribe to build applications themselves, or employ our data science teams to help build custom solutions.

Passenger Scheduling Optimization

Optimize the transportation schedule of your passengers/employees via any vehicle at scale. In minutes, MemComputing renders optimal scheduling solutions while satisfying all transportation requests and operational constraints.

Cargo Loading Optimization

Quickly determine the optimal loading strategy of cargo for your fleet of vehicles to maximize revenue, reduce costs, and improve your carbon footprint. MemComputing’s solution naturally increases the operational capacity of your vehicles to achieve new levels of efficiency, capacity, and flexibility. 

Last Mile Delivery Optimization (TSP)

Rapidly optimize the last mile logistics of your supply chain for delivery fleets of all sizes. Our technology scales to find the optimal routing  configuration of your vehicles to minimize the number of miles driven, thus minimizing cost and carbon emissions. The last mile just became your best mile.

Autonomous Vehicle Routing

(Multi-Agent Path Finding)

Determine the optimal coordination and routing of your autonomous agents (robots, drones, vehicles, gaming) at scale regardless of the environment

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Professional Support

Here at MemComputing, your experience is our number one priority. Customers receive support from our optimization experts who are ready to help at a moment’s notice.
Contact us directly at [email protected] for additional assistance.